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Asian American and Pacific Islanders


At Goddard Space and Flight Center (GSFC), the role of the Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee (APAAC) is to assist the Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM) in pinpointing and eradicating any barriers that may hinder the outreach, recruitment, and/or employment of Asian Pacific Americans. Through the eradication of any barriers that an employee may face, we strive to build an equitable and inclusive workplace where all employees can contribute to the success of GSFC and work to their full potential.


The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity - Goddard (ODEO) aims to protect the civil rights of all employees and further equity, diversity and inclusion at Goddard. The Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee was created to serve as a collaborative partner with the SEPM and act as their eyes and ears in the GSFC community and share any concerns or issues raised in the workplace with the SEPM.

The function of the Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee (APAAC) is to assist in strengthening the outreach, recruitment, retention, and advancement for members of the Asian Pacific American community at GSFC. Advisory committees serve as a partners that assist the SEPM in educating and advising changes at all levels of the Center’s leadership. The communication between the EOPO and Center leadership ensures equity, diversity and inclusion is not only aspiration, but is an actuality for all GSFC employees. GSFC is a workplace that values equal employment opportunity, creating an environment free of harassment and discrimination, and is built upon leadership that embraces inclusion of all employees.

Members of the APAAC, including the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Program Manager, collaborates closely with the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) and have participated in the annual national leadership training program which is held in May.  Some of APAAC’s members even collaborate with a student organization at the University of Maryland named, The Society of Asian Scientist and Engineers (SASE).

At GSFC, our devotion to diverse populations exceed federal laws. We are dedicated to equity, diversity and inclusion throughout all facets of each individual’s identity. We believe our employees are our greatest assets, thus it is our duty to ensure each employee is given the opportunity, tools and resources to enhance their careers beyond identity barriers. The APAAC plays a significant role in fulfilling the EOPO’s mission of, cultivating a culture of equity, fairness and inclusion where diverse talent is empowered and leveraged to advance GSFC’s mission and operations in service of the community.

Point of Contact at EOPO:

Name: Gerald Tiqui, Program Manager


Phone: (301)-286-9461

Advisory Committee Leadership:

  • Chair:  Jenni Domanowski
  • Vice-Chair:  Alicia Jose
  • Senior Champion: Dr. Joanne Hill-Kittle

Meeting Information:

Monthly meetings for the APAAC are held monthly every 3rd Monday 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. via telecom or meeting location.

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last updated: 2021-09-09