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Affirmative Employment Program

The Affirmative Employment Program Manager (AEPM) monitors operations that affect equal employment opportunity (EEO) at Goddard, with the goal of identifying EEO barriers and collaborating with the appropriate parties needed to develop effective solutions to eliminate those barriers

The AEPM reviews recruitment, retainment, selection, promotion, training, and career development trends affecting Goddard’s community. The AEPM works in collaboration with the Advisory Committees (AC) in planning and programming designed to address any concerns raised by the AC.

Because Goddard takes seriously its ongoing obligation to eliminate triggers and/or barriers, the AEPM leads a Center-wide MD-715 core team in routinely conducting an assessment of (and report about) the Center’s status and progress as it relates to six essential elements of a model EEO organization, as communicated via the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) Management Directive 715 (MD-715):

  1. Demonstrated Commitment by Leadership
  2. Integration of EEO into the Strategic Mission
  3. Management and Program Accountability
  4. Proactive Prevention of Unlawful Discrimination
  5. Efficiency
  6. Responsiveness and Legal Compliance

Through MD-715, the AEPM collaborates with the MD-715 team to identify areas that should be addressed in order to comply with EEOC requirements, and to formulate plans to correct possible barriers and/or program deficiencies affecting employee and applicants’ for employment. Since this effort pertains to a number of Human Capital processes (i.e., recruitment, hiring, selection, promotion, retention and career development), the AEPM works in partnership with Goddard’s Office of Human Capital Management. Other key partners and stakeholders on the team include the SEPMs, the Center’s Diversity and Inclusion Program Office and the Center’s Office of Education. Plans are underway to engage active involvement at the Directorate level as well. The AEPM routinely advises senior leadership and management on MD-715 and key action items needed to move the Center towards a “model EEO organization” status.