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Welcome to the Native American Program

Native American women viewing spacecraft in sky

The Native American Advisory Committee’s vision is to create a balanced representation of Native Americans at Goddard Space Flight Center enriching the technical and cultural diversity of the center. The Native American Advisory Committee creates a balanced environment by forming personal relationships for extended opportunities for Native Americans, cultivating the existing Native American employees enhancing career growth, ensuring the Native American communities are aware and excited about the opportunities and providing an insight into Native American Culture at the center.

The Native American Advisory Committee (NAAC) represents the interests of Native American GSFC employees; advise the Center Director, Center management, and the Equal Opportunity Program Office (EOPO) of initiatives that could help the recruitment, hiring, retention, and professional development of Native Americans; and to assist all levels of management to create an environment that is conducive to the recognition, appreciation, and full utilization of each employee’s abilities, skills, and knowledge in order to achieve maximum productivity. We are sponsored by the EOPO.

The NAAC provides advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Center Director, Center Management, and the Equal Opportunity Programs Office in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the Center’s affirmative employment program regarding the recruitment, hiring, development, retention, and advancement of Native Americans.

We also serve as a focal point for the concerns of Native American employees on matters affecting their employment at Goddard through personal contact with the Center Director, senior staff, and other officials of the Center, including Directors of. We work with the Native American community and help to resolve or advise on Centerwide or systemic issues which may impact the community.

In addition, we serve as a forum to educate and promote awareness of Native American diversity, cultures, issues, and achievements.